Linear Actuator Solutions with Aluminum Profiles for Less

Regardless of your industry, if you rely on welded, painted steel for your manufacturing and assembly processes, you need to know how our aluminum profiles can change your life – and profits.

Although we’ve made vast improvements for those in the packaging industry, supply ball screws to those who need them and help build Cartesian Robots, our solutions don’t stop there.

We use a lighter, more durable, infinitely interchangeable and cost effective alternative to steel. You can use aluminum profiles to not only guard great machines, but to build great machines – especially one that might require linear motion and a linear actuator.

Product Scope

The new design and fastener technology used in our aluminum profiles results in joints that are as strong as welded steel yet weigh significantly less. Precision item extrusions allow for the use of hardened steel shafts in many of our T-slot surfaces, allowing for a modular approach when creating a single, dual or multiple axis linear actuator. Unique designs and fasteners allow item to create linears up to and greater than 100 feet in length.

Engineering Services for Aluminum Profiles

One of our greatest strengths lies in the depth and experience of our in-house engineering department. Our engineers are highly trained in the use of structural aluminum and linear actuators to create a hardware solution designed for your exact specification. We do not over-engineer or under-engineer your application. Instead, our engineers choose from over 320 different aluminum profiles and use those that best meet your specifications.

Aluminum Profiles and Linear Actuators for Many Needs

• Guarding & Safety Enclosures
• Heavy Duty Machine Bases
• Work Stations and Lean Assembly Cells
• One, Two, Three and Multi-Axis Linear XYZ Pick & Place Robots
• Linear Actuators Up to and in Excess of 100 Feet
• Ball Screws (5 and 20 pitch) up to 110 Inches in Length
• Auxiliary Packaging Equipment and Roller Conveyors